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In the year of 2001 when I was a young kid in Primary school, a pliggie ,child of a teacher, and like most kids avoided everything that would make me seem more uncool. Yes everyone, there use to be a time when doing mainstream things made you popular. Any form of alternative movement with local, let alone Afrikaans, music was so far away and underground that it just seemed like a wasted pipe dream. This all changed for me when my sister brought home a stack of CD’s and told me to......

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January 06, 2014

Cage The Elephant – Spiderhead

Cage The Elephant, an American rock band from Kentucky, released their third studio album Melophobia on October 8, 2013.   I have been listening to the album pretty much every day since...

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September 03, 2013

AM…an Arctic Monkeys wakeup call.

There comes a point in any great musician’s life where maturity just happens. Where, even the most rebellious of rock and roll groups striving to retain that raw “underground” sound...