OppiKoppi is HARD. You party hard, you sleep hard and you friend hard. The more Koppi’s you attend, the more you begin to understand how having (or not having) a few essential items can make or break your festival experience. Wet wipes, fire-lighters, and a 5L water bottle are examples of such items. These are the things that keep you going so that you can go on to be one with the Koppi voodoo. To honour all of the veteran dust walkers who’ve walked the dusty plains for long enough to have......

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February 21, 2018

Mieliepop – Ticket Giveaway

Come 21-24 March, Mpumalanga will again play host to one of South Africas premium music festivals. Mieliepop has become a house-hold name, and a showcase of South Africa’s finest musicians....

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July 23, 2015

Win tickets to Oppikoppi 2015

Oppikoppi The Fantastic Mr. Vos Vos is less than 20 days away and if excitement isn’t gripping you by the balls or bra-strap, then there just might be something wrong...