mitchell's brewery

With Capital Craft Beer Festival 2018 coming up 16th June, excitement is running high. We caught up with the folks at Mitchell’s brewery to find out how they make things happen. 1. Since the brewery started in 1983, how has the popularity spike in craft beer affected the brand? Mitchell’s Brewery started before the word craft was used but stood alone against the tyrant and fellow mass production breweries. The craft beer spike helped us become part of a bigger family of microbrewers and as the forefathers of craft, our popularity has......

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Crash Car Burn
Interview |
April 06, 2018

Crash Car Burn – Album Launch

Crash Car Burn has been part of the South African music scene for so long that thinking back to when I first heard them makes me want to lie down....

Interview |
March 05, 2018

Brynn – Album Launch

BRYNN will be launching their debut album Querencia on the 14th. Mzi caught up with the guys and got the scoop on the new album and opening up for Incubus....

native young
Interview |
February 19, 2018

Native Young – Interview

There’s something beautiful about fusion bands. From the resplendent cacophony of sounds to the sonic narrative, fusion bands intertwine cultural dissonance to create their own brand of “eclectic”. Hailing from...

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