The valley
Interview |
February 09, 2018

The Valley – Interview

Mieliepop is less than a month away and if you just have a peek at the line up you will completely understand our school girl esque excitement. Just before we start throwing our undies and fainting we had a quick chat with Capetonian Desert Doom band The Valley. They give us some inside information on the making of Obelisk and which local acts they love preforming with. Here what went down. You released your first studio album last year, titled Obelisk. Could you take me and our listeners briefly through the creative process......

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hello beautiful
Interview, Podcasts |
November 02, 2017

Hello Beautiful – ‘n Kuier

Hello Beautiful are one of a number Gauteng groups headed to the cape to assist in mystifying attendees come this weekend! Our boy, Ziggy had a sit down with the...

A Chat with Oh Sees
Interview |
October 20, 2017

A Chat with Oh Sees

John Dwyer, lead singer of Oh Sees, will be headed to SA soil to play Endless Daze Festival at the beginning of next month along with his fellow music making magicians....

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