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September 15, 2018


Summer is around the corner and its time to moer that kway jacket to the back of your closet. Just before we break out the pool noodles a We caught up with the  sunny 2 piece experiment rock unit, VAST Oddity. Congratulations on your EP’s launch. As a proud Centurion home towner I can definitely agree that there is no better place to launch an album. What has the overall response been? Thank you so much! The response has been phenomenal. The biggest compliment we receive is that our music is so......

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The Tazers - Interview
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November 03, 2017

The Tazers – Interview

It is already November. The year is taking its final turn before the holidays. Most of us are hunkering down and trying not to lose our sanity before the holidays....

Moon Duo - Some Light Shed
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November 01, 2017

Moon Duo – Some Light Shed

Formed in 2009 by Eric ‘Ripley” Johnson and Sanae Yamada, San Francisco based band, Moon Duo are a music revelation. Reminiscent of bands like King Gizzard, Silver Apples and Suicide,...

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