The Deadly Bites - A Tipsy Talk

  I met up with The Deadly Bites for a drink at a crafty little spot in Greenside. They’re sharing line-up space with a good number of South Africa’s finest, as well as two of San Fransisco’s heavyweights, The Oh Sees and Moon Duo. The Deadly Bites spoke to me about Lindsay Lohan, why Endless Daze is the  best festival in Mzansi, recording woes and whole basket of other deliiiiiiishos froot. Have a listen. It’s a little fuzzy for the first few seconds, and then it get’s good. These guys are fun, down......

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Runaway Nuns - A Few Shots Fired
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October 27, 2017

Runaway Nuns – A Few Shots Fired

Runaway Nuns are on the highly anticipated list of artist names that you’ll find on the Endless Daze Festival line-up! The Capetonians are climbing steadily up the Mzansi Music Ladder,...

Oppikoppi - Ripe for the Picking
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October 11, 2017

Oppikoppi – Ripe for the Picking

I woke up on Friday morning at OppiKoppi 23 – Me Now The Mango Picker, in my kak-hot tent, with a headache, loud music blaring, neighbours loudly talking bullshit and a skrik-vir-niks...

The Narrow - A Pre-Launch Interview
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September 08, 2017

The Narrow – A Pre-Launch Interview

In case you haven’t heard, and if you haven’t, pray do tell WHY… The Narrow are back! They’re not just all together again to kuier and catch up with old...

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