A night of Leftover Crack and Punk Rock

It’s been long overdue that South Africa got a new wiff of that stanky fart called punk rock, because, you know, if you call yourself a punker, chances are you also like the smell of your own farts ( But don’t we all). The crack that cracked open and blessed us with its stanky stankness came in the form of Leftover Crack, a crusty punk rock band hailing from the Lower East side of Manhattan New York City. Lower East Side NYC sounds amazing to us Saffer Punks, and the chance to......

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Superbalist In The City - An Experience
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October 13, 2016

Superbalist In The City – An Experience

This past weekend, Emmarentia Dam played host to one of this year’s most eclectic music festivals, ‘Superbalist in the City.’ From beat-boxing to hip-hop and indie, the line-up included something...

The Sextons - Pre-OppiKoppi Interview
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July 18, 2016

The Sextons – Pre-OppiKoppi Interview

In case you’ve never heard of The Sextons, they are a charismatic and exuberant, energiser bunny-like three-piece groove machine based in Jozi. With a combination of sinfully playful powerhouse vocals from...

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