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Park Acoustics November 2015
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December 04, 2015

Park Acoustics November 2015

  09:00 – PARK ACOUSTICS JUST TOPPED ITSELF – By Coly Verdelli   Wayne, a fellow disk jockey, and I got to Park Acoustics bright and early on Saturday to set up the streaming equipment so that all our lovely listeners who couldn’t be there could curb the FOMO and catch residual good vibes leaking off the airwaves. The sky was dark and grey. The wind howled and pierced straight through my knitted jersey. I could have easily become a grumpy pants due to the weather, but then I just took a look......

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Grind TV |
November 24, 2015

Grind Does Grietfest

Earlier this year, The Grind Radio’s very own “Metal Mike Bower” was given a full access pass to Grietfest. Which took him into the depths of Grietfest and beyond, to...

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October 13, 2015

An Epic Decade Of Rocking The Daisies!

An epic decade of Rocking the Daisies! It came and went in a flash of bright lights, vibrant music and unbelievably beautiful Cape Town ladies. Being Daisies virgins The Grind...