Only The Best Music

There comes a point in any great musician’s life where maturity just happens. Where, even the most rebellious of rock and roll groups striving to retain that raw “underground” sound can’t help but produce a song that stuns audiences everywhere. No matter how unique an audience a band may cater for, they end up producing a song that sends shockwaves through humanity’s collective unconscious due to an overpowering possession of raw talent. That je ne sais quoi those pathetic attention starved plebs on the X-Factor lack. Hendrix did it with “Purple Haze”.......

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Deftones Oppikoppi
Our Top 5's |
August 14, 2013

Top 5 Acts At Oppikoppi

This year, being my 10th Oppikoppi, I decided to celebrate in style, and I believe that if I had to ask my friends if I had succeeded in doing so,...

rabbit in your headlights
Our Top 5's |
August 01, 2013

Top 5 Music Videos Of All Time

When a new song that I like or can’t stop listening to comes to mind, there I always find myself thinking about the music video and how I hope it’s...