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Twin Atlantic to Release New Album - GLA

  Could it be that insomnia enhances creativity? Esteemed painter  Van Gogh, and ex-president of the United States, Billy Bob Clinton both suffered from sleepless nights. To be honest, it might have been a huge contributor to both of the two’s greatest laps in judgement. Twin Atlantic, on the other hand, seem to be benefiting handsomely from their sleepless nights. The Scotish band’s newest release, “No sleep” is by no means a Monica Lewinsky… we’re looking more in the direction of Michelle Obama. Aaaaand she’s looking back… The band has burst away from......

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Interview: The Lectric Monks
News |
July 30, 2016

Interview: The Lectric Monks

The Lectric Monks are a South African upbeat “Tarantino-rock” outfit from Pretoria, formed in the Spring of 2014. The 5-piece includes, Francois vd Merwe (Rhythm and Vocals), Gary Peacock (Harmonica...

The Sextons - Pre-OppiKoppi Interview
Reviews |
July 18, 2016

The Sextons – Pre-OppiKoppi Interview

In case you’ve never heard of The Sextons, they are a charismatic and exuberant, energiser bunny-like three-piece groove machine based in Jozi. With a combination of sinfully playful powerhouse vocals from...

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