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Twin Atlantic -GLA Review   Your forming years are filled with awkward spine twisting moments. Times where your social life and under-bite both exist in hermitage. You need this time, to learn facts. Facts like chatting on  mxit on the toilet can end in the loss of a phone, or that prawn buffets steal happiness from the next day.  God forbid prawn buffet day before mxit on toilet day! As heart-breaking as it is, you grew out of that awkward space, and into the cool twenty-something/ you are today.     I......

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7 Sutures: A Tour in Review
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October 21, 2016

7 Sutures: A Tour in Review

“High above the angels sung, goodnight evil brought a gun, she laid a curse out on my head and swore that cub will find you dead” Well, shit, let it...

Superbalist In The City - An Experience
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October 13, 2016

Superbalist In The City – An Experience

This past weekend, Emmarentia Dam played host to one of this year’s most eclectic music festivals, ‘Superbalist in the City.’ From beat-boxing to hip-hop and indie, the line-up included something... In The City 2016
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October 07, 2016 In The City 2016

I love October! And not just because it’s my birthday month or even because it means we’re two months away from December. No, no it’s more than that. The streets...

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