Pascal & Pearce – Tremor Music Festival Interview

pascal and pearce

Tremor Music Festival is coming up in August. With a stellar line-up featuring international DJ David Puentez from Germany, and some of South Africa’s best, we asked Pascal & Pearce a few questions leading up to the event.

1. Congrats on releasing your latest single Lose Control with Johnny Apple. Can’t wait to hear it at Tremor Festival! You have worked with some of the biggest names in the business.  Is it hard adding another member to your tight-knit team?

P&P: Thank you! As they say, teamwork makes the dream work, so we’re always willing to work with as many people to get the project done right for us.


2. Electro has always been a genre that welcomes diverse collaboration between artists. Its thick bass reminds me of trembling arms warmly approaching for a bear hug. How have you experienced collaboration between artists thus far in your career? Are there a lot of bear hugs involved as well?

P&P: Collaborations are generally fun, and we love learning new ways to make music, and yes bear hugs occasionally happen.


3. What is the first thing both of you reach for in the morning when you wake up?

(Besides our ladies, and dogs)

P: The sky, I try to stretch as I wake up before I grab the tv remote/phone.

D: Mobile phone and cigarettes!


4. You have been a big part of the ever-growing South African electro scene. What has been, according to you, the reason for this huge surge in good quality, locally produced music?

P&P: Thank you for the kind words. We feel that the availability of music software has given South African artists a chance to succeed locally & abroad. So many people can release music now, and it’s mostly because it’s accessible to them.

pascal and pearce

5. I remember watching my first Pascal & Pearce show at the Oppikoppi Red Bull Stage many moons ago. The Red Bull Stage at koppi forms this perfect dusty bowl that bounces sounds off and into you. I find Electro to be a sound that you feel. It’s hard to keep yourself seated during one of your sets. Suddenly “Boom!” and your limbs are just gooi-ing. Firstly thank you and secondly, how do you go about crafting a song that makes an entire crowd explode?

P&P: Yeah that was a great night under the stars, we’re glad you enjoyed the music. When writing electronic music that is specifically for a dance floor, we tend to build the melodies towards the drops giving those kinds of songs more energy. We focus on having fun elements whilst keeping you locked into the music.


6. If Pascal and Pearce were stranded on a raft at sea, which one of you would eat all the supplies?

P&P: A ration would be done, and we think we should be good from there.


7. If the good people want to get in touch and hear/see more from you, where should they go?

P&P: Thank you @pascalandpearce for everything


Listen to their latest release ft. Johnny AppleLose Control below


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