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  1. Hi, we are Orchard, a progressive sludge band that has been playing in Cape Town for about a year. We have two tracks upon Soundcloud that we recorded at 7String studios, and we would like you to consider either of them for airplay.
    Thank you for your time!

  2. Mairead Furlong : June 13, 2016 at 9:12 pm

    Here’s another new artist brought to you by “THIS LONELY STAGE” – MAIREAD FURLONG” her debut single LOVE OBSESSION

    If you approve we would be happy to send you the details with a wav file

  3. Dirty Moonshine – amazing local band.

    Number 9 on Tuks FM Top SA Bands

    Released there first single – amazing!!

  4. Soweto based collective Toiletenergy is debuting there first ever project which they say is ‘the best work we’ve ever unified and perfected as a syndicate’. Toilet energy made themselves relevent in the begining of 2018, round about february to be exact, supporting the drum n bass scene and learning alot from how to host a party to making the audience intact with the act on stage which is mostly a dj and Mcee.

    BLKnoize hails from the north side of johannesburg, being a dj and a drum n bass producer he is also determined that he had to meet toiletenergy to bring out the creative and sounds within him. Cutting heads off with his dirty rolling, electronic wabbles and breaks mixed with a hip hop feel. Drum n bass nothing but an explorative narritive for toiletenergy.

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