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Superbalist In The City - An Experience

This past weekend, Emmarentia Dam played host to one of this year’s most eclectic music festivals, ‘Superbalist in the City.’ From beat-boxing to hip-hop and indie, the line-up included something for fans who like to indulge in various genres. Although, I have to admit, the only act that prompted me to buy a ticket was US indie band, Foster The People. With an impressive supporting line up that included local newcomers, Sol Gems, favourites,  Shortstraw and the fun-ska-reggae-indie band, Grassy Spark,  festival attendees were treated to some potential hits and quite a......

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Superbalist.com In The City 2016
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October 07, 2016

Superbalist.com In The City 2016

I love October! And not just because it’s my birthday month or even because it means we’re two months away from December. No, no it’s more than that. The streets...