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EXCLUSIVE RELEASE - Death Panthers - Losers Drink Beer (Kill City Sessions) EP

Losers Drink Beer (Kill City Sessions) EP, is the latest release from the two-piece surf/punk/rock n roll machine, that is Death Panthers! The duo from Cape Town have had a busy beginning to 2016. They’ve had their hands full with shows, and their Pizza EP launch which happened about a month ago. Losers Drink Beer, is easily the bands best work to date, and ticks all the boxes that a solid band should. You can’t help but want to run around in circles, sweating your problems out and into the moshpit you......

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Kilkil Tour To South Africa
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February 15, 2016

Kilkil Tour To South Africa

  Professor Panga There I found myself, bathed in red light and cigarette serenity. As my imagination wondered into reminiscence of an Amsterdam gracht, a Behringher bass amplifier started to...