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Pretoria Halloween - Boargazm Interview

This weekend all of Gauteng was spooking up a storm at RAM & Griet Presents Halloween 2018. Now that the cardboard outfit you built 5 min before the event has made it way to the city dump, the post-Halloween blues is starting to set in hard. Sadly we aren’t Cher, so we can turn back time and make it Halloween again. But we can, for your sheer enjoyment, give you an interview we did just before the event with one of the best acts of the night, Boargazm. RAM is back and......

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Grind TV |
November 24, 2015

Grind Does Grietfest

Earlier this year, The Grind Radio’s very own “Metal Mike Bower” was given a full access pass to Grietfest. Which took him into the depths of Grietfest and beyond, to...