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Blood Brothers Interview: Ard Matthews

Blood Brothers, in support of The Vrede Foundation, is back for a 4th year in row. 10 South African Rock legends will unite as one to help the fight against cancer in CPT, 22 September at Zip Zap Circus, and Pretoria, 29 September at Platteland. We sat down electronically with your and your mom’s favourite vocalist Ard Matthew. We talked The Vrede foundation,  and what an Ard Matthews signature sandwich would contain. Where in the world is Ard Matthews right now and what are you doing there? I’m sitting in the departure......

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90% Local – Is It Lekker?
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May 26, 2016

90% Local – Is It Lekker?

So, 90% local music on 18 SABC radio stations for the next three months? Is this indicative of a positive change or is it the beginning of the South African...