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Brand new Majozi's here

Today Majozi’s self titled album is dropping all over the airwaves. Just before the  we  rushed to our nearest streaming platform caught up with Mzansi’s favourite Durban born singer/songwriter. Congrats on your new release brand new album! In the words of George Forman: “Your so proud of it you put your name on it”.How do you feel now that you have completed the album? Thank you so much. I’m super excited to finally have some new music out there in people hands. It’s been a few years. WAITING, the first single was released......

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A Look Into Off The Grid Music Festival
News |
February 16, 2017

A Look Into Off The Grid Music Festival

Before we take a look into Off The Grid Festival, let’s talk about how being a “good person” isn’t always easy. Take festivals for example… I love everything about them!...

Lush Festival
Reviews |
May 03, 2016

Lush Festival

The town of Clarens, one of South Africa’s hidden gems welcomed thousands of festival goers into their town, the venue itself was green and luscious, and a relaxing long weekend away with...