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5 Local Two-Piece Bands Worth Watching

Many bands are opting to go for the “less is more” option these days. Creating music is made much easier with the help of modern day technology. Not all of the below partake in these advantages though, keeping it raw and to the point. Two-piece bands have become something of a world wide music fad, from the more popular bands like Royal Blood and Twenty One Pilots, to Death From Above 1979, and the lesser know bands like Drenge and Pony Time. The set-up has its advantages, logistically and well… egotistically. Below you’ll find a handful of the best two-pieces......

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Kilkil Tour To South Africa
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February 15, 2016

Kilkil Tour To South Africa

  Professor Panga There I found myself, bathed in red light and cigarette serenity. As my imagination wondered into reminiscence of an Amsterdam gracht, a Behringher bass amplifier started to...

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January 28, 2016

Kilkil Interview

I strolled through a fairly quiet Belgrave Hotel corridor on sunny Saturday afternoon to the smell of charcoal smouldering and the sound of excited chatter awaiting in the back court...