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Oooth - 'Who Cares What You Think' Release Date

Oooth’s debut album  “Who Cares What You Think” is dropping today. Earlier in the week we caught up with Oooth’s creator, Jason Oosthuizen on his leap into solo artist and the new album. Last time we spoke it was Blood Brothers time. Can I just say you guys put on one helse show? What’s your favourite memory from the Pretoria and Cape Town show? Thanks so much. I think the cool thing about Pretoria was having Hanu from The Narrow back. I think my Cape Towns highlight must be the venue and......

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Endless Daze - A.S. Fanning Interview
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October 30, 2018

Endless Daze – A.S. Fanning Interview

Endless Daze is just around the corner. Just before we sink our toes into Silwerstroom Resort’s sand we caught up Dublin born, and now Berlin based, singer-songwriter A.S. Fanning. After...