Al Bairre – Interview

During Park Acoustics on a sweltering summer afternoon Grind Radio caught up with Nic Preen from Al Bairre for answers to some sensitive questions.
GR: Having played overseas at The Great Escape Festival, and having opened for international acts here in South Africa what is next on the wish list?

NP: Going back overseas and more often to play more shows.

GR: You guys wrote a soulful tune called “Julia” and had Julia wield a gun in the “Caviar Dreams” video. Is Julia simply the favourite twin?

NP: Julia is the favourite twin, we don’t really like Tessa.

GR: So Tessa is only good for bass?

NP: That’s exactly it!

GR: What exactly can your avid listeners expect on the upcoming album “Experience the Al Bairre Show with Al Bairre Experience”?

NP: We have reworked some of our old songs and written a few new songs. We have finally found a cool sound that we’re happy with.


al baire
Photo credit Marcos Cruz

GR: Have you guys figured out how to play Caviar Dreams without P.H.Fat? Maybe you’d like to perform it at Park Acoustics today?

NP: We have practiced it with them but we don’t want to perform it without P.H.Fat. Whenever those dudes are up with us, perhaps in Joburg in the upcoming months we’d like to play it together.

GR: You have worked with Thor Rixon, Hello Beautiful and P.H.Fat. Can listeners expect any collaborations on the upcoming album?

NP: Not on this one but we are definitely interested in collaborating with people because it’s so much fun.

GR: Any artists in particular that you would like to work with?

NP: Um, that’s a tough one. I’d like to work with…

GR: Perhaps Thor Rixon?

NP: Yes! That’s what I was about to say.

GR: Perhaps also with Hello Beautiful? Marrying synth pop with aggressively unfancy orchestral indie rock would be quite unique.

NP: That would be a great one to do! He [Makkie] is one of our best friends, but at the moment we are all working on new albums so hopefully at a later stage.

GR: Your cover of “Venga Boys – Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom” made everyone at “Lente Dag” feel like hopeless 11 year olds again. Are you going to perform it today?

NP: We were wondering about this show. Lentedag was the best response we’ve had to that song. We’ve only played it four times so far but that was definitely the best.

GR: Lastly, can we expect another tour of the coast this December?

NP: Yes, we are planning on going up the east coast at the end of November and we’ll be there around Christmas and New Year’s too.

GR: All the best today with your set.

NP: Thank you so much.

al baire
Photo credit Tash Montlake


Catch Al Bairre at Rocking the Daisies on Saturday at the Main Stage around 17:35 to enjoy all the aggressively unfancy orchestral indie rock that your mom warned you about.

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