Amplify celebrates 2023 and waves 2024 in!

It’s time for a brand new year filled with amazing musical discoveries. From everyone at The Grind Radio – THANK YOU for all the support in 2023! We had the pleasure of discovering some of the LEKKERSTE music, event and mense(people)! Before we dive head first straight into a brand new year we are taking a moment to celebrate the lekker-ness that was the past season of AMPLIFY! Join our resident submission tour guide Eezi Mzi as she takes us through the wonderful moments that was the past few episodes of Amplify.

As always we provide you a look back at the fresh music mentioned in the show. If you wanna learn more about past episode features checkout their catch up articles(links at the end of article).

Artist Mentioned in This Episode:

Artist Cistamstic

Album Now That’s What I Call Cistamatics

Cistamstic, an art punk band from Cape Town. The three piece punk pioneer outlet consists of Gabbi le Roux (vox/guitar), Ethan Pelser (vox/bass) and James Turner (drums). Their debut album Now That’s What I Call Cistamatic released on the 17th December 2023 through Goblin City Record. According to their press release:

Now That’s What I Call Cistamatic,” was birthed into existence with no budget, only the hard work and good graces of Cistamatic and friends – led by self described ‘noise goblin’ Gabbi le Roux. The album consists of 11 totally original songs and was released on the 17th December 2023 through Goblin City Records”. 

The album is a absolute blast to listen to. Great variation. Imagine you had The B-52, the Breeders and L7 over for a jol(party).

Artist Holograph

Track Swedish Summer

Holograph – another 3 part-er straight out of Cape Town. In 2020 3 musician Friends Desmond Kannemeyer, Ines Soutschka and Warren Fisher spent the better part of the hard lockdown together. And over the year period crafted the new wave alt rock sound that is Holograph. The band has recently relocated to Amsterdam. Their style is a beautiful blend of New Wave/Post Punk/Indie punk and just makes you wanna sway your hips.


Artist Moskitos

Album Adiue Or Die

Moskitos, three piece psychedelic rock outlet based in Cape Town! The band merges propulsive grooves and guitar freak outs to produce a sound that nods to early psychedelia and garage rock records, as well as incorporating elements of African and Eastern. Moskitos, consisting of Pieter Labuschagne (lead vocals, lead guitar), Albert le Roux (bass, backing vocals) and Danie Holtzhausen (drums). Their EP, Adieu or Die, started forming when vocalist, Pieter Labuschagne, was working in the south of France at the end of 2020. According to the front man:

“The feeling of isolation and alienation of being by myself in a foreign place, combined with the personal puzzle of figuring out what I really wanted to be, created a space where a lot of introspective self exploration was happening. Battles with my own negative thoughts and a continuous search for personal revelations to put everything into perspective consumed my mind daily. I really did not want to stay the person that I was at that point and felt a bit lost.”

The band has some fresh music in the pipe line for 2024.


Artist Retro Dizzy

Track Devotion

Retro Dizzy, Garage-style surf rock outlet is back with a brand new line up and a brand new single. New line:

From left: Desmond Kannemeyer *Holograph, Richard Liefeldt, Nicolaas Rossouw and Le Roux Hofmeyer.

Devotion is a groovy track that transports me to a sunkissed day next to the beautiful white sandy Cape Coast. It feels like those serene moments you find yourself huffing the fresh area and drooling over the beauty that is Table Mountain – just before the wind picks up and blows you and your moment of ZEN moer toe.

The track was mixed and mastered by Warren fisher (holograph).

The single release comes straight after the release of Retro Dizzy and  Shackleton Brewing Company craft beer. Finally helping us answer the question on all of South African’s minds, WHAT DOES RETRO DIZZY taste like.

You can grab your own can of Retro Dizzy Ale 330ml from Shackleton’s website – HERE

Artist Elle E

Track Surfing Sunshine

Keeping with songs that make you feel like a fresh day on the west coast we wrapped up the show with Elle E! Return submitter and DIY Alt queen Elle E is back with 2 new singles and an adorable merch line. End of 2023 Elle E release Pizza Party and Surfing Sunshine. In honour of Surfing Sunshine Elle E has created their own line of handcrafted Surfboard and boogie board key chains.

If you’d like to relive the great moments of the past season and have a relisten you can catch the archives and articles over here:

More about Amplify

Amplify, a radio show hosted on The Grind Radio, is like a chilled hangout where we dive into the lekkerest sounds in alternative and rock. We chat with amazing artists, and  discover fresh tunes. It’s a mix of classic rock legends and new faces from around the world, all picked to make your music soul happy. Amplify is aired every second Tuesday on The Grind Radio. Every track you hear on Amplify is handpicked from the amazing submissions sent to The Grind Radio. It’s like a treasure hunt, where the best of the best get the spotlight.

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