Bad Peter – Capital Craft Beer Festival 2018

Bad Peter

We caught up with Bad Peter leading up to their show at Capital Craft Beer Festival 2018 and asked them a few questions. The duo is hard working and down to earth. Here’s how it went down:

1. Since you guys started, how have the two of you progressed as musicians?

Most definitely. We always try to consistently work on our guitar playing, singing, songwriting and our performance.

2. You released “Need to Hear” last year September – Was the writing process any different from other releases?

Not really different, some of the songs we finished writing long before recording, we even performed some of them for a long while after deciding they belong on the new EP. We actually finished For Now This Is Me down in Cape Town while recording the EP. Sorry, Mama was written from scratch during that time.

3. Bad Peter has played some of South Africa’s most beautiful venues. What has been the most memorable one for you?

So many memorable shows and venues! Here are a few that we’ll never forget: Emmarentia Live, Lush, White Mountain Festival, Up the Creek and Capitol Craft Beer Fest… Each of these brings something different to the party!

Bad Peter

4. If you could tour with any band or musician who would it be and why?

To tour with one of our idols like Jason Mraz, John Mayer or Dan Patlansky would be amazing!

5. Any exciting things in the pipeline? 

STRAB in Mozambique is coming up, super excited for our first one! We’re also planning a Namibian tour and working on new music videos.

6. Lastly, Lager or Pilsner?

Lager for both of us, please!

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