Blood Brothers Interview: Ard Matthews

Blood Brothers, in support of The Vrede Foundation, is back for a 4th year in row. 10 South African Rock legends will unite as one to help the fight against cancer in CPT, 22 September at Zip Zap Circus, and Pretoria, 29 September at Platteland.

web bannerWe sat down electronically with your and your mom’s favourite vocalist Ard Matthew. We talked The Vrede foundation,  and what an Ard Matthews signature sandwich would contain.

Where in the world is Ard Matthews right now and what are you doing there?

I’m sitting in the departure lounge at Heathrow after playing the new album for the first time in the UK. About to start a little coastal tour to promote the new album.

I remember the first time I heard your voice. I was 8 years old ruffling through my sister’s music collection. She had one of those think 100 sheet CD binders. Ah, the 90’s…

After flipping through for a few minutes I found Something for Now. Booklet and all. I pop in the CD and proceeded to float away to another world. Firstly dude thank you. You started me out on this wonderful and weird journey of exploring and appreciating local music. Secondly, what was your first favourite local album?
Oh wow, what a compliment man. haha, so blind 😂

I remember being really impressed with a band called Lithium then obviously SNG and Arapaho and the likes. Not sure I bought any of the albums. Not really big into the CD thing. Can’t ever seem to hold on to them.
 September is Blood Brothers month. You will be taking the stage alongside some of the greatest talents in RSA right now. Who are you most excited to share the stage with?

Ah, I couldn’t say really cos they all really great. Just happy to be a part of it!!


Herman Pretorius did so much to help shine a light on the local scene. The Vrede foundation has really gone above and beyond to help take forward his vision and empower the youth. You must be so proud to be part of this great initiative?

It’s always good to give back in one’s life so I try to do what I can. Always amazing to see people going above and beyond to make other peoples lives a bit better so it’s an honour.

If you had to create a one-liner to sum up what we can expect to see on the blood brothers stage, what would it be?

A force of sweaty goodness to be reckoned with!!

As a man that has been across the globe, what is your favourite South African phrase?


So Ard now that we have done the easy Q’s let’s dig a little deeper. If you were transformed into a Sandwich what would the toppings be?
Wow, Ok, haha. Cleary mushrooms by the sound of it. Then lots of good garlic mayo and mustard 😉

If you want to get in touch and hear/see more from Ard, checkout  @ardmatthews  on instagram and facebook.


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