Capital Craft Beer Festival – Majozi Interview

Michael Bower recently met up with the super talented Majozi, a local act, all the way from the warmer shores of Durban. Majozi is one of those live performers that you can’t help but stomp your twinkle toes to! If you want to snag him making you do just that, be sure to attend the Capital Craft Beer Festival on the 11th of June at the Pretoria National Gardens. We were lucky enough to catch up with him and ask him a couple questions about the infamous Lush festival and about being the general kick-ass guy…

Majozi Photoshoot 30

Please tell us about your sleeping arrangements at lush?

Ha ha! I slept in an ox wagon with a few other people. I’m not much of an outdoors person, but it was surprisingly comfy.

It’s very refreshing to observe how you interact with your fans on stage. How important is crowd interaction to you? Does it matter if they’re a bit flat?

As a musician, I feed off crowd energy a lot. If the crowd is flat, its my job to get them going. Sometimes it can be difficult and you win some and lose some, but when it works, it’s always special.

What is the one song you wished you wrote?

More Heart, Less Attack by Need to Breathe. It’s such a beautiful song. Bummed they wrote it first…

Who would you most like to work with and why?

Cassper Nyovest. He’s so rad, and I’ve always wanted to work with a rapper.

What does it mean to be proudly South African to you?

For me it means being proud and expecting of old the unique cultures and peoples of our Country. Knowing and acknowledging our past but also building towards a better future. The more I travel around the country the more I realise how beautiful it is and how lucky we are to live here.

Apart from Capital Craft when next are you in PTA?

I’m playing at The Barnyard in Parkview with my good mates Monark on the 6 of June. Its part of our Barnyard tour. I’m so excited for it.

Do you have any plans to hit the international circuit?

Ya some plans are brewing. I went to Amsterdam not to long ago an I really enjoyed it, so I’m keen to explore a little bit more. I’m like a curious child.

How would you describe your music?

Indie Folk pop? Ha ha I dunno. Whatever you want to call it.

Who is the one person that inspires you to do music?

Jesus is my biggest inspiration. He inspires what I write about and how I write. Caleb Followill, is probably the one person I inspire to write like. I really love Kings of Leon and their story.

What advice would you give to the younger generation of musicians?

Be kind, be humble, love people regardless of who they are, and practise practise practise!

Check out the Capital Craft Beer Festival event HERE

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