Dune Rats – Bullshit New Music Video

Bullshit sees the return of new music from our favourite Aussie band – Dune Rats! The surf, garage rock and rollers are back with their latest single Bullshit, and the music video could quite simply sum up the band in three minutes, from backyard mayhem, to beers, bongs and babes, we could almost imagine that this is everyday life on tour for the band!

Dune Rats have been relatively quiet on the new music front with their last album being released in 2014, which was their first full-length album, I am sure we attribute this to their constant touring schedule! Without giving too much away, the song itself is true Dune Rats, where drugs and hugs are the name of the game with regards to the lyrics, and you wouldn’t expect it any other way! As for the music video…well, this seems like one party we can all be bummed we missed out on! I am sure we have all been to those house parties where no one gives a fuck and things tend to get out of hand…? Well, this seems to be one of those parties, from the bong-man-mascot, skating and falling on his head, to the motorcycle-stunt-man, jumping over bodies and almost killing the camera man, and of course the famous back-yard-barbeque, listening to your homies play some of your favourite songs, and pounding back a few cold lagers whilst possibly delving into some of the “green stuff” the band love and cherish. This music video captures the true essence of what Dune Rats are about! The music video is shot in a utopian location which seems to be a paradise for people who enjoy a good time.

BULLSHIT is out now and you can download it through Ratbag Records! – http://www.ratbagrecords.com/

Dune Rats will be wrecking Australia along with DZ Deathrays and Violent Soho this winter, so to all our Aussie fans and South Africans living in Australia, Go Party!

Now this!

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