Fokofpolisiekar Craft Beer Launch

Few things can make a tasty blond craft ale go down smoother. Throw in Fokofpolisiekar and Pretoria into that mix and you have hit the holy trilogy.


“Kom ons raak ‘n bietjie dagdronk.
Dis amper soos ‘n dagdroom..”

Fokofpolisiekar will be kicking off the launch tour for their 440ml craft ale “Dagdronk” on Saturday 31 January at Aandklas (PTA). Dagdronk, the first of a four craft beer series brewed by the band in association with Sir Thomas Brewing Co, will be available on the night. Buying a case of 16 limit edition beers will only cost you R640. The blonde beauty has slight hints of pineapple mixed into the ale taste. Making it the ideal drink to help battle the blistering heat away this summer

The Barbosa Experience will start heating up the stage at 19:00 followed by Francois and the guys at 22:00. R60 gets you in and a chance to taste this liquid gold. Only a limited number of tickets are available at the door so get there early to avoid tears and tantrums. The Grind Radio DJ’s will be partying through the crowd and in the DJ’s box before and after the gig.


In the event that this is your first FOKOFPOLISIEKAR show mentally prepare yourself for a mind blasting experience. Head banging, mosh pit, spontaneous lapses of judgement and a huge party can be expected.

If you are interested in purcahsing yourself a case of Dagdronk Blonde Ale, CLICK HERE!


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