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I strolled through a fairly quiet Belgrave Hotel corridor on sunny Saturday afternoon to the smell of charcoal smouldering and the sound of excited chatter awaiting in the back court yard. I walked outside and was slightly taken aback as all the musicians set to perform that night at Red Right Hand were in attendance. Make-Overs were sitting up against the wall and Training Brah were a little further down from the guys from Trashcan. Cortina Whiplash and The Slashdogs had just walked in; whilst I was having a great conversation with The Lectric Monks and Kilkil, the headlining act, sat at the head of the table enjoying some fine South African Black Label. Everyone was more than relaxed and delighting in conversation amongst people who are woven together by the magical golden thread called Rock ‘n Roll.




I was there to interview the Reunion Island synth free punk band Kilkil as their South African tour for their latest EP Speed was about to come to a close at that night’s Red Right Hand. I sat down with Pascale, Johny and Charlou to discuss a few things I had heard via the musical grape vine. I was mostly interested in an exchange programme that Kilkil had started a couple years ago with South African band, Cortina Whiplash. Pascale explains the exchange in the interview below, but basically the rock and punk bands of Reunion Island and South Africa go to each other’s countries on tour to spread the love and open up the channels for foreign music to be heard. So far this exchange has taken South African bands Cortina Whiplash, Black Math, The Slashdogs and recently Make-Overs over to the little French island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. And we have some Reunion Island bands to look forward to in the near future too! Listen to the interview below for more information.

If you’re in a band and are interested in getting involved in the exchange programme, please get hold of Kilkil via The worst that could happen is you go to a beautiful, volcanic, tropical island in the middle of the Indian Ocean and rock out.

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