Lamb of God is heading to South Africa

By now all of us know that Lamb of God is heading to South Africa. In January 2014 the Richmond heavy metal band will play two shows in South Africa thanks to RAM Touring. The band also recently released a remastered and remixed version of their album As the Palaces Burn as a 10th anniversary edition.


The remastered and remixed edition of As the Palaces Burn includes a few never before released demo tracks. In 2014 there will also be a documentary featuring Lamb of God under the same name as their first studio album, As the Palaces Burn.

If you are a South African metal fan, make sure you get your hands on a ticket for either Lamb of God show in South Africa. If you don’t, you will be missing out.

Here is the new video for Lamb of God’s song “Vigil”. Are you going to see Lamb of God live in South Africa?

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