It’s been a wild week in Musicville! We’ve had albums and singles dropping, like rain from the sky in January, (daaammnit, July would have slid of the tongue better). A surprising number of adored musicians, from Radiohead, Queens of the Stone Age, and Portugal. The Man, to Chris Cornell, Fleet Foxes, HAIM and Panama have released their beautiful produce into the universe.

There’s been a battle-royale/kung-fu fest/tag-team/mortal combat showdown taking place in my mind. Who do I dedicate my ear drums to? There aren’t enough hours in a day. There aren’t sufficient days in the week. I normally take new releases and spin them ‘til there’s nothing new to learn about them. This week has been different. I’ve dabbled in all of the above… and for the most part, I’m genuinely impressed.

Let’s get to it:

Chris Cornell – The Promise

This is the last music video featuring Cornell, so there’s an element of immense nostalgia from the get go. What’s more is that this video is saturated with footage that unlocks a swirl of emotion, as it tells the story of what those living in and fleeing Syria have been through… are still going through.

Radiohead – Man of War

The group are releasing their album, OK NOT OK, today! This is one of the singles off of the album that was released yesterday. The album summed up, from the mouth of the head of the radio is, “Rescued from defunct formats, prised from dark cupboards and brought to light after two decades in cold storage… OK COMPUTER: the original twelve track album, three unreleased tracks and eight B-sides, all newly re-mastered from the original analogue tapes.” I’ll have some of that – thanks!

Queens of the Stone Age – The Way You Used to Do

They made us wait for four years, but QOSA have eventually let the tiger out of the sakkie. Josh Homme and the boys gave us the first track released off of the up and coming album, Villians.  They’ll share it with the world on the 25th of August.

Panama – Hope for Something

Panama is an electro-indie project from Australia. This is the first single released off of their latest EP – Hope for Something. The EP was launched today. If you dig this video, you can listen to the 5-track chunk of goodness HERE.

Portugal. The Man – Woodstock

In 2015, they graced our shores and played to a crowd through a sheet of rain that saturated us all with deep admiration and love for them. They’re back with a new album. They’ve gone from an alternative indie vibe to something slightly more electronically based. It’s equally as easy to soak up though. Apply thickly.

Fleet Foxes – Crack-up

This album is winter becomes music! It’s slow, sombre and sweet at times… in other moments it’s a march towards Summer. Press play and go lie down. Half of your body in the sunshine, the other half in the shade of a tree.

HAIM – Want You back

Their new album, Something to Tell, will break free on the 7th of July. Until then, there’s this lurrel stukkie to share with you. The video seems to be making all of the boys, (and girls) go wild.

That’s it for now! Catch us next Friday for a new dose of freshly squeezed ear jooooos!

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