A Look Into Off The Grid Music Festival

Before we take a look into Off The Grid Festival, let’s talk about how being a “good person” isn’t always easy. Take festivals for example… I love everything about them! The live music, the atmosphere, the day-drinking, the camaraderie, the fresh smell of ablution toilets! However, due to me getting all caught up in my senses, I lose my friends, forget where my tent is and declare my eternal friendship to some guy I met twenty minutes ago. The above leads to bad karma, and  bad karma leads to the universe moering you down that koppi at 2 AM.  Luckily, the amazing people at Camphill Village West Coast are doing their part at bettering our universal karma average.

Camphill Village West Coast, placed just outside of Cape Town, is a sustainable farm that has been farming organically for over 30 years. The farm also functions as a home for approximately 90 intellectually challenged adults. The residents do their part by helping on the farm, at the dairy, bakery and cosmetic workshops. NOW, they’re hosting a festival to raise funds to help become more sustainable as an organic organisation.

Off The Grid Music Festival 2017

You get watch lekker local talent like Freshly GroundAlbert Frost and Majozi. You can do just that Off The Grid Music Festival. R250.00 gets you in AND covers your camping fees. But what to do with the kids for the weekend? Fear not music lover! Sustainability is a family thing, so bring them along! Maybe, you can even introduce them to your new friend Steve!

If you want to get a better feel for the event, check out their Facebook page HERE! If you’re already convinced by the magical line-up, admirable initiative and beautiful setup, get your tickets HERE!

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