Mieliepop – Ticket Giveaway


Come 21-24 March, Mpumalanga will again play host to one of South Africas premium music festivals. Mieliepop has become a house-hold name, and a showcase of South Africa’s finest musicians. With less than a month to go, the excitement is starting to heat up… In order to prevent us boiling over, we’re going to transfer some of that extra excitement to one lucky person!


We’re giving away 1 set of Double Tickets!


To enter is simple.

All you have to do is comment on this post, in the comments section, the names of the three bands that The Grind Radio has interviewed leading up to the festival. Entries close 12pm Tuesday 27th February 2018. Winners will be announced on our Facebook page.

Please note:

  • All three band names must be commented for it to be a valid entry
  • One entry per person
  • All correct entries will be added in to a hat and a winner chosen at random.

Good Luck. May the Mielie Pop In Your Favour!


40 responses to “Mieliepop – Ticket Giveaway”

    • Hi Grind!

      Obviously the three bands interviewed are:
      Native young, Boo! and The Valley. That’s in order of new-est to oldest, if that matters.

      Peace, love and rock n’ roll <3

  1. Whatsup guys! You interviewed Native Young, The Valley and Boo! (Cant wait for that show). Thanks guys. Hope to see you at the Pop!

  2. Aah! This would be amazing. 🙂 🙂

    The three bands that The Grind Radio has interviewed leading up to Mieliepop Festival are:

    – The Valley
    – Boo!
    – Native Young

    Fingers crossed.

  3. Capetonian stoner groove band, The Valley, BOO! and their 8 pairs of underpants;D and Native Young reminding us that all pizza is great regardless of it’s association to pineapple.

  4. Three Bands that will be playing Mieliepop Festival and that have been interviewed by The Grind Radio:

    – Boo!
    – Native Young
    – The Valley

  5. Better late than never 😜

    – Native Young
    – Boo!
    – The Valley

    Now what would Mieliepop be without these three bands?!
    … 🙁 Exactly!!! Definitely looking forward to seeing them 😛

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