Mieliepop Festival 2016

Living in the ‘burbs can have it’s perks. If you want a Big  Mac at 2 am? No worries your Uber driver will grant your wish. If you need to fill up your ECO car after work but still need to have time to Instagram your delicious home cooked meal? Relax, Woollies foods are available at almost all Engen garages.  As convenient as the fast paced life can be, it tends to take it’s toll on you. Before long you will find yourself stuck in traffic yelling at an ou tannie because, along with the name of her grandson, Timmy, she forgot where her indicators are. For the sake of yourself and that tannie, take a break, and escape. So TREAT YO’self to the Mieliepop Experience in Lothair, Mpumalanga 18-21 March! Located next to the Sabie River, Mieliepop isn’t just in a picturesque stetting in the beautiful rolling hills of Mpumalanga, but will also host some of the best local acts this country has to offer. Boasting a line up that includes legends like Albert Frost, BCUC, Bittereinder, Mr Cat and Jackal, and New Academics to name but a few. The organisers of Mieliepop Festival are certainly going all guns blazing this year, with arguably the best local festival line up our country has seen in years!




So what bands and artists should you look out for over the course of the weekend?

Well the Friday will see the Pretoria faithful in full swing with We Are Charlie, Bittereinder, Kid Robot and Chee vs Phizicist kicking off the festival in style! Be sure to check out the Rave Cave, which is run by the organisers of Griet. The Rave Cave is set to blow electro fans minds as the stage is situated inside a cave! Black Math could possibly be the highlight of the evening with their extremely entertaining and face melting live set, do not miss this garage rock and roll band! Also bearing in mind that you might not be able to see Black Math for quite sometime again, for their own personal reasons.

Saturday will probably see most of the festival goers camped in front of the Main Stage due to the amount of incredible local acts that will perform right throughout the day, from mid day all the way until the party is closed off by Fuzigish around midnight! Be sure to catch BCUC, The Plastics, Nomadic Orchestra, and Grassy Spark just to name a few. The later three are up from Cape Town and are incredible to watch live and are sure to get you boogying! Die See and Hellcats are definitely going to put on great live shows that evening as well at the Willow Tree Stage! A perfect Saturday in my books…

Sunday, the final festival day will see the heavy hitters, Albert Frost and Black Cat Bones playing Main Stage, whilst New Academics are set to blow minds at the Willow Tree Stage! Good luck picking between Albert Frost and New Academics, as there is a slight overlap, so be aware! At the Willow Tree Stage you can catch psychedelic rock and roll bands, The Tazers, The Moths and Sol Gems which are always awesome bands to watch live as well as the headliner for the evening Art Snakes!

Overall a great weekend with great music! Be sure to take your line up with so you don’t miss your favourite bands and artists!




If you haven’t bought your ticket yet, tickets are available from R550, on Nutickets, and will get you access to 3 live stages, camping space, and HOT SHOWERS! Now I can already hear you boets and betties worrying about missing your ritual cross fit sessions. I know reverent  Tim Noakes doesn’t cover festivals in his Banting teachings but I am pretty sure he would even approve of Mieliepop. Should your body need more of cleans than what the soulful music can offer TREAT YO’self to an ARGO yoga with YO.GO.FLOW or a even a Mountain bike race.




In short you deserve TO TREAT YO’self to some good quality relaxing in nature and fun with your friends.

Just go to Mieliepop.

The Grind Radio will see you there!

More info at www.mieliepopfestival.co.za

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