Milky Chance at first glance

German music duo, Clemens and Philipp – otherwise known as Milky Chance are the second international act to be performing at Rocking the Daisies Music and Lifestyle Festival happening from the 1st to the 4th of October this year at Cloof Wine Estate in Darling.


Milky Chance


After reading the above in the press release that was sent to me, I officially know more about Milky Chance than I ever have. You see, I am one of those people. You know, the bunch of music fans who have honestly never, ever heard of this band.

In fact, when I saw tweets that read something like “Milky Chance will be at Daisies!!” I was unsure why people were so stoked about a chocolate being on sale at a festival.

Now you are probably asking “Why the hell are you writing about them then?”.
Good question, and here’s why:

To make a point.
You see, it has been irking me for quite some time that whenever a band is announced that some people know and others don’t, those in the know seem to immediately transform into the Douche Of The Day, instantly scaring those who don’t know away from even asking about the band, much less become fans.
I think Tecla Ciolfi said it best in her tweet:


So I write this as a fuck you to the douches, and a shared education for the masses.
I will now go to Google, and share the first music video that pops up on my YouTube search for this band, seeing as that is how I do research into bands I don’t know.
(Tip for young bands: Videos. And more videos.)
I will type notes as I watch it, so imagine as you’re reading it, you’re watching it with me.
This will lead me to a conclusion as to whether or not I am motivated to see them live.


Stolen Dance (Album Version)

  • It starts with a boring Dove ad. Skip.
  • Hipster or homeless guy on chair, playing guitar. There’s a bonsai tree, he must be a hipster. The homeless prefer bigger trees.
  • I take it this is their most popular video, it has over 139 million views.
  • Is this Locnville singing? *chuckles*
  • The chorus hits. Wait a second, I have heard this before.
  • What is happening? I look down, my foot is tapping. This shit’s catchy…
  • Nice overlay graphics on the video, sets the mood for the tune.
  • The pop up informs me that they will be touring North America, wonder if they will mention their SA tour?
  • We’re 3 minutes into the song, and I am not yet bored. This is a good thing.
  • The programmed clap-clap is getting on my nerves a bit, but it works, so why not?
  • Ok this is getting a bit… wait, no, song is done. Strangely not too long, which is something akin to a miracle, seeing as the tune is just over 5 minutes long.
  • No mention of SA.
  • Fade to silence.

There you go, my first official impression of Milky Chance.

Good enough to make me click the pop up to their video, Down by the river.

I won’t annoy you with another step by step, so I just watched it with resting fingers. Besides, it sounds kinda the same as the other tune…

My conclusion after this is that I will probably watch some more of their videos and wouldn’t mind seeing them live.

Will I freak out and go bananas when they get on stage? Nope. But I am sure that there will be a whole bunch of people who will do just that, much like I experienced at -for instance- The Lumineers concert.


The coolest thing for me about this, is that Rocking The Daisies is bringing out bands that are CURRENTLY huge. Well done!


At the moment you can get your tickets to Rocking the Daisies at R850 a ticket.
To do so, click here.
The next phase of ticket sales will open on 10 June with tickets on sale for R950; however if the R850 tickets sell out before then, it will automatically bump up to R950.


If you have questions about the tickets and such, pop a mail to

You can also just go to The Internet, and find them here:
Facebook: fb/rockingthedaisiesfestival
Twitter: @rockingthedaisy


MIlky Chance - Rocking The Daisies 2015


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