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OppiKoppi is HARD. You party hard, you sleep hard and you friend hard. The more Koppi’s you attend, the more you begin to understand how having (or not having) a few essential items can make or break your festival experience. Wet wipes, fire-lighters, and a 5L water bottle are examples of such items. These are the things that keep you going so that you can go on to be one with the Koppi voodoo.

To honour all of the veteran dust walkers who’ve walked the dusty plains for long enough to have their Oppikoppi checklist recipe right, we’re giving away 2 sets of double tickets to South Africa’s favourite festival!



Comment, on this article, what is the number one thing that can NOT be left behind – the thing that takes your experience from kak to KAK LEKKER.

The best answer, according to The Grind Radio family, will each earn their owner TWO TICKETS, and the top 10 answers will be compiled into The Grind Radio’s Annual OppiKoppi survival guide. May the best (wo)man win!

Comp closes: 12 June 2018 12 pm – Winners will be announced on Facebook.

This competition is NOT open to under 18’s

46 responses to “Oppikoppi Ticket Giveaway”

  1. A camel pack boiiiiiii! Literally you haven’t lived until you have a hands-free booze carrying solution. Plus it makes your back sweat like crazy so you could even lose a little weight! I know, I’ve changed your lives, you’re welcome.

  2. Stoute stukkie DANGERTAPE! Either vir jou kampplek afbaken of om jou tjomma mee vas te bind vir die naked mile!

  3. My drinking buddy.
    (Who is also, secondarily, my boyfriend)

    My hangover mitigator and down-down cheerleader (those two may be connected). The absolute gees-generaal. My experienced festival guru. My Gandalf the Cray that lead me to my first experience in Whore-dor (Daisies), and it’s been uphill ever since.

    So, no matter the bits and bobs in my Mary Jane Poppins bag (c’mon, a spoonful of sunscreen saves lives) — My OppiKoppi experience will always be one person away from perfect.

    While my own Koppi Kaartjie and flight tickets are already booked for the Cape to Koppi pilgrimage, my underground music dealer is still chipping away at his university fees.
    But be there, he must. Nomakanjani.

  4. Lots and lots of Windhoek😉
    Two cases gets me a brand new hoodie, ’cause I’ll probz forget a jacket. So it’s a win win.

  5. For all the Troopers:
    My Portable Radio
    So I can grind through the day with tunes by my side whenever a vibe is needed to get it all started!

  6. I’m gonna have to go with the absolute basics – tent and tickets! Good luck surviving Mordor without either

  7. You only need one thing. A Katja. She has been to all 11 I have been to and everytime I get her to top bar, it’s kak lekker.

    Also a spade.

  8. Number one thing to pack is your OPPI TICKET! without that it will remain kak. Without that your personality, charm and jokes will only get you to the entrance of the Dustbowl aka Mordor where all your hopes and dreams aren’t a priority…..

  9. A partner.

    Everything will always be that much better with a buddy. You need someone to get you into trouble and that someone that will help get you out of it. A friend that knows what happens at Oppi stays at Oppi. A side kick that will keep your ass going even when your motivation might be down. A comrade that will push you until you’re broken dying in the dust but will make sure you get back home to mom, because they don’t want to be the one to explain what happened to you.

    Really all you need is someone to share the memories with.

  10. Kyk dinge staan so. If you party hard, sleep hard and drink hard there is little time to make some lekker chow so take some protien bars, energy bars or some of those breakfast bars with you. Who knows, maybe this time you won’t starve cause you drank away all your money and forgot where your tent was?

  11. Duct tape!
    Ripped your shorts? Duct tape.
    Keep losing your bottle? Duct tape.
    Loudmouth friend? Duct tape.
    Broken your stretcher? Duct tape
    Hole in your mattress? Duct tape.

    From kak… to kak lekker. One duct tape roll at a time.

  12. From Kak to Kak Lekker:

    Definitely my she-wee, so I don’t have to sit on portaloos; secondly my buff, to breathe safely in the portaloos (and everywhere else) and; thirdly my headlamp, so I can see hands-free in the portaloos. 😀 😀 😀 I wee a lot.

  13. Koppie is eerlikwaar kakker as jy op die vloer moet slaap elke aand.
    Gaan van kak to kak lekker nagrus en koop vir jou n 12v pomp (sommer by checkers). Twee dinge is waar, mens kan nie n airbed manually op pomp as jy dronk is nie, en mens kan nie n airbed manually oppomp met n hangover nie.
    Doen dit.

  14. As lekker as it is donating your dad’s camp chair named “Kom terug” to the Boom God (and I’m not referring to your mate with the 30cm joint in his mouth here) because you’ve either spewed your jagertainted guts over it or batista bombed it into the 7th circle of hell, I’d say manners, oppiquet. Though our annual sacrificial donations are something I get highly aroused by, some of the fellow mordorians don’t understand the number one rule of moenie n poes wees nie. Almal van ons wynkonyne en slaai pappegaaie is daar vir n fokken good time. Be a mate – nomakanjani

  15. Verseker my party belt. Eks known to be a runner en Koppi is die kak lekkerste as jy kan hardloop en saam almal party, as jy jou light, rollies, paar wet wipes, zambak, tjeppies en Koppi Kaart om jou heupe het. Dan is my lyf vry vir skud en my hande vry vir drink. Sal nie Koppi kan indink sonder hom nie.

  16. Drinking bottle!
    There’s no glass allowed in the festival area so the best way to make sure you stay hydrated with your favourite spirit is a lekker 2l drinking bottle 🤘

  17. Before we can get to that one thing you need to remember, you need to remember to remind yourself that the occurrence of remembering does not entail the art of the member to the mind as much as it does the remembering of the minds member. Hê n Jol, druk n drol, and remember that wit goud.

    As Confucius said: “n Lekker kak is Lekker, maar kak lekker is lekkerder” so wees kak lekkerder and don’t let the kak catch you of guard. Go out and confuse people and please for the sake of your underwear remember your kak papier.

  18. Personally my number one thing that can NOT be left behind is a beer funnel(bong). This item is essential for making you stand out from the crowd and portray that you are here to party and have a good time. I mean, who doesn’t love the challenge of downing a beer faster than your tjommie? If you want to make new friends and let them come to you, hold it up in the air and shout “OPPIKOPPI” and down that beer without hesitation. The beer funnel is a very powerful tool and you should use it wisely. It requires patience and years of practise.

    Stay Classy Oppikoppi!

  19. ‘n Oppikoppi survival kit-
    Kondome, vir veiligheid natuurlik
    Wetwipes- die solution vir alles
    Sonroom, want jy wil nie ‘n kreef wees wat bier drink nie
    ‘n Masker vir die Oppi stof
    Kopseer pille!

  20. Hi after my second oppikopi, I made a back back with 2 bottles inside with a straw from it, one for booze and one for clean water, hands full free drinking and washing made life so much easier at this great festival, I would appreciate the tickets so so much, hope for the best

  21. My number one thing will definitely be ‘n lekker hoodie! There to keep you warm when you’re cold, cover your face when you want to sleep and even use as a cushion when you pass out next to a tree!

  22. WATER!! A good 25 litre canister- preferably with a tap on it! That way you create the illusion of running water.

  23. What’s an Oppi without your best mates. Friends to get you drunk and then carry you back to your tent after passing out. Friends to dance with like no one is watching. Friends to have the best time of your life with. The one thing you definitely need to have a KAK LEKKER time is your BEST MATES finish n klaar.

  24. Your best friend! That is literally all you need because they will love you enough to make sure you have a tent, ticket and enough to drink to take your Oppi from kak to KAK LEKKER! My best friend and music festival soulmate is flying back from China just so he can come and Oppi with me because honestly, I can’t imagine an Oppi without him. And because I love him I’ll make sure he has a tent, that his drink is always full, and try to score a ticket for him 😉

  25. I discovered in 2015 that there’s one thing that I now need to take with me to every Oppikoppi, and that is a pretty crazy and awesome outfit or costume. The Fantastic Mr Vos Vos was my 3rd Oppi, and this year I decided to go all out and I shaved “Oppi” and “Koppi” into the sides of my head, made fox masks to wear at the festival, and got a Santa Claus morphsuit that I basically lived in. With all these outfits I drew so much attention to myself and attention from the Oppi crowd is beautiful because everyone wanted to chat to me and I made so many friends. I was also offered so many free drinks because people just loved the effort. Nothing makes Oppikoppi (or any festival) more special than drinks and meeting and partying with new friends, and that’s why since then the first thing I have packed in is my morph suit, Pikachu onesie, and any other outfits I have planned.

  26. Fucksakes, guys! I have been refreshing like all day. Sticking to my original answer, can’t Koppi without a kaartjie! But playing on some feelings now too; I’m flying in from Beijing LITERALLY for Oppi. Can show flight tickets for proof, so saving a few bucks on an actual ticket means I can buy you guys a beer. 😉

    • Howzit Tiaan. Thanks for entering man, and also thanks for the emotional bribe! hahaha. We have extended our comp closing date till Friday 9 am so all the Oppikoppi Maatjies can have a chance to enter. Sorry for all the suspense but good things are always worth the wait.

  27. As a girl i have yo say is a Mirror! Since Im not going to the always crowded, always cold showers; I need a small mirror at the camp to do makeup after the wet wipe shower :p

  28. Going to Oppi is like hunting so carrying something disposable like wet wipes is ideal. You can use wet wipes to bath, keep sanitary after using the bathroom, clean utensils and dishes and the utmost best, you can start a fire with dry wet wipes cause wood is somewhat always wet.

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