Parklife Festival JHB – March 2014

Isn’t it great how South Africa is home to so many festivals these days? Weekend festivals, day festivals, color festivals pretty much anything you can think of, there is a festival for it in South Africa.

Parklife brings to life a second installment following the highly successful first effort, that featured South African born rock legends (although they did an acoustic show) Seether.

No less than 3 international acts and the cream of the crop of the South African popular music scene.


Let’s take a look at what you can expect at Parklife on the 20th of March at Kirstenbosch in Cape Town and 21st of March at Emmerentia in Johannesburg 2014.

1. Donavon Frankenreiter

He just seems like the most chilled person in the world. It’s a bit unfair that you can be that chilled and be super talented at the same time. How does that work? Please share your recipe MR. Frankenreiter. The American born artist is also a surfer, not like ‘I like to surf in my spare time bru’, no no…more like he had surfing sponsorship deal with Billabong in his early days. Through his surfing escapades he was fortunate enough to become friends with Jack Johnson (you might know him?) and several years later sign with Brushfire Records (owned by Jack Johnson).

It’s not surprising that Jack Johnson signed Donavon Frakenreiter to Brushfire Records. You’ll find a lot of Jack Johnson elements in Frakenreiter’s songs. Not in a copied kinda way. You can just sense it was a perfect fit. I think he will steal the show at Parklife. South Africa you are in for a treat.

2. KT Tunstall

I wonder if the Scottish artist will do collaboration with Jeremy loops while she is in South Africa. Tunstall and Jeremy Loops both ‘build’ tracks on stage using loop (ah see where ‘Loops’ comes from?) pedals and various instruments. These two acts however differ significantly. KT Tunstall has a rock element to her music that will enchant the listener. My opinion about this type of music act; it needs to be witnessed live. So much gets lost when you listen to a song by an artist like her on a CD. Live you get the full experience and you can better appreciate that you need to be damn talented to pull off an act like this, live.

KT Tunstall is definitely unique in her approach. The ‘bluesy’ quality in her voice is something every male fan will find alluring.

Ps. KT Tunstall and Jeremy Loops will have super talented babies (should they ever get together)

3. Frank Turner

This promises to be a crowd favorite – especially for the female folk. His voice has the needed qualities to have the ladies reconsider their current relationships. So gents you need to calm the situation down, now is not the time to be proud, have a bottle of cold water nearby and give her the odd spray so she can calm down. Frank Turner hails from England and was previously in a Post-Hardcore band called ‘Million Dead’. Let’s be honest now, hardcore vocalists tend to be great folk/indie/acoustic vocalists. I listened to some of Turners tracks and lyrically he is up there with some of the best. But, what makes him even better is the way the instrumental blends with the lyrics. It just fits (Ace Ventura reference) ‘like a glooove’.
I tip Frank Turner to be the surprise of Parklife and maybe impregnate some ladies with his voice. Do not miss this guy!!

The local acts include – The Belville Bad Boy Jack Parow, Gangs of Ballet, Shortstraw, The Plastics, Al Bairre, December Streets, Wrestlerish, Monark and many more.

If you are under 6 years old, I’d be amazed that you got a hold of this blog and read it, but more than that you have free access to Parklife. Kids between the ages of 6 & 12 will pay R195-00 entrance fee. 12 and up will be charged R395-00 a pop.

It’s worth it; R395 is nothing if you take into account how much entertainment value is on offer.

So get of your ass and go to Parklife!!


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