Pixies Rock The Lawns

Nostalgia can be a quite addictive and a beautiful experience. 10 years ago you had your first kiss with Thembi the girl who sat behind you in Afrikaans. You have long forgotten what the initial spark was and what she did after Matric. However thinking back brings the same rush of emotions and those butterflies still attack your aluser.  The Pixies were my Thembi. I remember the first time I heard the song Monkeys Gone to Heaven. I remember how the infatuation grew when a friend played me the song Gigantic. Still to this day I can’t watch fight club without having Where is My Mind stuck in my head for a week.

On the 18th of March The Pixies played Carnival City and I got to attend!.


We reached the event at 6:30 pm and after going to live events for years, I can tell you that planning your arrival time is crucial. In the first 10 minutes you need to locate the bathrooms, exit and the bar. By the time we missioned to the bar, stocks were so low that bartenders were selling litre bottles of mix, filled to the top with booze. Rather  delighted with our big drink we made it to the golden circle crowd. Bodies of passed out fans who couldn’t make the day and night jol were scattered all around.

After Prime Circle played and this pains me to say, a pretty good set, Andy Mac and Barney Simon appeared on stage. If you grew up in the 90’s and listened to rock you will know, without these two, a show like The Pixies would never have been possible. Much to the crowd’s delight, Mac informed us that the bar had been restocked.

Remember what I said earlier about the power of nostalgia? When Springbok Nude Girls came on stage that feeling was experienced 160 000 times in unison. People in their 40’s were head banging along side me. Theo Crous, the man that was personally invited to join Foo Fighters on stage, has not lost his touch. He laid into his guitar with no mercy. Oud maar nog ver van koud.


Now the moment had arrived. The moment that computicket online queueing, dag dronk vibes, bulk Pixies playlists and drive through Benoni/Brakpan had lead to. The stage was pitch black. Through the sound system, The Beatles You Know My Name ( Look up my number), started to ring.  Paz Lenchantin, Black Francis, Joey Santiago and David Lovering  stepped on stage only lit up by a few lights. The drumming for Bone Machine started and the entire crowd lost it. “Your bones got a little machine” rang out over dancing, happy,smiley faces. Song after song weaved into each other effortlessly. The 2 hour set never dipped in energy or quality.  


Joey Santiago, guitarist for The Pixies and seasoned veteran in being befok, is on a another level. Mid way through the set he ripped out his sound cable and started making these glitchy electronic sounds. He ran the cable over his neck and clothes and turned it into a crazy solo.

Normally when it comes to concerts my phone is packed away safely. However, a good friend of mine and die hard Pixies fan, was sitting in Vietnam and none of us wanted her to miss out. Whatsapp video calls and voice notes were recorded in full force.

From my side as a festival goer and as a music blogger, I would just like to thank AMP events. There were a few hiccups along the way but if it wasn’t for them, experiencing bands like The Pixies would just be a drunken dream left by a braai fire for most of us. If you keep pulling acts like the Pixies, we will be there for every show. Clearing out your bars and singing your praises.


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