Rumbling Riddim returns | 2023 Look Back

After burning up the airwaves in 2023 with a stellar year of features Donny Basco And Friends Presents Rumbling Riddim is BACK. Our resident host, DJ and main man Donny Basco kicks off the year with a thrilling liquid DNB mix!

2023 was truly an epic debut year for Rumbling Riddim filled with some of the best names in South African DNB. Here’s a Look back at the past featues:

Meet TarrynTino:

TarrynTino is a renowned name in South Africa’s Drum and Bass community. With a sound that features an experienced range of bouncy, uplifting, jungalistic Drum and Bass, TarrynTino brings the audience a spectrum of passion, energy, and light through her sets.

Meet Instate:

Instate, our local legend from the streets of Jozi, brings a fresh perspective to the Drum and Bass scene. With a knack for storytelling through his music, Instate immerses listeners in a sonic journey like no other. His beats are as diverse as our rainbow nation, and his sets are bound to leave you craving more. Instate isn’t just a DJ; he’s a musical storyteller, and his narratives unfold seamlessly on the dancefloor.


Meet the maestro behind the beats, CELO, a seasoned DJ and producer whose music journey spans over a decade. With an eclectic mix of melodic liquid tunes and deep, bass-driven beats, CELO’s music takes listeners on a sonic adventure like no other. His passion for Drum & Bass resonates through every track, creating an immersive experience for music enthusiasts. Having graced renowned events like Mieliepop, Science Frikshun, Cherch, Twilight, Revolution, and Bass Safari, CELO has solidified his name in the South African Drum & Bass scene. Dive into his world of rhythm and energy through his Mixcloud: CELO Mixcloud and SoundCloud: CELO SoundCloud. For the latest updates, follow him on Instagram: @celo_dnb and Facebook: CELO Facebook. Don’t miss out on his electrifying beats – he’s here to elevate your music experience!

🚀 Meet Kallisto:

The D&B Dynamo Kallisto, a familiar face in the South African Drum & Bass scene, brings over 10 years of DJ expertise and an explosive on-stage presence. Co-founder of Misfits, a monthly Durban-based D&B event, Kallisto’s infectious energy and unique sound have graced stages at major festivals and events.

Meet Level State

Level State, the diverse Cape Town-born DJ and producer currently making waves in Johannesburg. Known off-stage as Ash, Level State crafts a unique sonic experience by blending energetic rhythms, heavy bass lines, atmospheric soundscapes, and captivating vocals. His multi-genre approach has earned him spots at local events like Nostalgia and System of Synergy, as well as international gigs in the United States and China.

Meet Toby One

Joburg based Powerhouse DJ representing Sanctuary DNB out here in Johannesburg, South Africa. With over 20 years in the game, Toby One is a true pioneer, seamlessly blending classic anthems with the freshest tracks. High energy mixes with legendary technical skills.

Meet Donny Basco

Donny Basco, a seasoned South African DJ with over a decade of experience. DB is on a mission to deliver unforgettable, high-energy sets and get crowds moving. As a multifaceted artist, event organizer, and host of Rumbling Riddim Radio Show on here, Donny Basco ALWAYS delivers a curated liquid mix that resonates with diverse audiences.

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to Donny Basco and all the legendary artist we have featured on this show! Viva Drum And Bass! Viva Rumbling Riddim!

We have already started work on 2024’s line up and it already looking SIZZLING! Rumbling Riddim happens every Second Thursday at 6 PM on The Grind Radio. Don’t forget to listen.

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