Sutherland – Rainmaker Interview

Just before we closed out for the new year we caught up Sutherland front man Misty! The 3 piece, Jozi based indie folk unit dropped their latest offering Rainmaker end last year.
Photo Cred. Charlemagne Olivier
Photo Cred. Charlemagne Olivier

What I have always admired, from your sound, is how beautifully you weave everything together to create one holistic project. You all have a firm understanding each other’s sound. When you are not playing together do you spend a lot of time with each other?

Thanks so much for that. Much appreciated.
We’ve all been really good friends for a very long time now, so naturally, we do spend a lot of time together in between work and the crazy pace of life in JHB.

Rainmaker has this pure South African summer feel to it. While listening I just wanted to run outside and frolic in the golden sun. For you what is your favourite part of South African Summers?

Photo Cred Charlemagne Olivier
Photo Cred. Charlemagne Olivier

There are 2 sides to this story. Firstly, I love those typical Highveld thundershowers at any time. Secondly, it’s always a great time hanging out with friends by a pool sipping on a few beers.

Chris, do you have any tips for surviving the 34-degree Celsius weather with such glorious hair?

I literally just texted the man himself to get the answer for this one.
Chris says “I do! Tie it up real tight. The rule is sun = bun. Otherwise, find the wind. Standing on a hill helps” haha

Braai-ing is one of the most loved past times in Mzansi. However, no braai is a really a braai without some good music. Which track from rainmaker do you think should be on every braai-playlist this December?

You couldn’t be more right man – That just made me want to have a braai right now.
I would say ‘You Do You’ and ‘Rainmaker’ would make for some good braai tunes.

In this day and age of streaming platforms and direct downloads, a lot of artists have moved away from creating physical copies(CD’s, Vinyls, ext.) of albums and EP’s. If someone wanted to get their hand on Rainmaker where should they go?


If someone wanted to get their hands on Rainmaker (And all our previous releases) they could easily find them on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and basically every platform out there.

It’s almost time to crack out that Boney M Christmas compilation. If Sutherland could cover any Xmas classic what would it be?

Hmmm, I reckon we’d do a pretty rad ‘Silent Night’ rendition.

If the good people want to get in touch and hear/see more from you, where should they go?

Photo Cred. Duncan Errington
Photo Cred. Duncan Errington

Facebook and Instagram are definitely the two platforms with all that info… Shows, New releases, Videos and e’erything else Sutherland related.


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