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  • Park Acoustics January 2016

    Park Acoustics January 2016

    If I’m to be perfectly honest, the post-holiday-blues is a real and soul-destroying phenomenon that I experienced in its entirety early in January this year. There I was – curled up in the fetal position, under the covers in the stifling heat and yearning to be back in a place where hedonism rules and deadlines…

  • The Slashdogs Interview

    The Slashdogs Interview

    The Slashdogs are one of the hottest rock and roll bands under the South African sun. They’ve spent the better part of last year on the road doing what they do best and rocking out. This year I have some great news The Slashdogs are in studio working on new material. The band has about…

  • Top 5 Songs To Wake Up To

    Top 5 Songs To Wake Up To

    So, it’s a part of being human, being alive and basically it’s the essential reason that we experience a lifespan between dreams. It is waking up, everyday, to face a new cycle of the earth around the sun. Yes, every person on this teeny tiny planet in the middle of this very vast cosmos that…