The Tazers – Time Machine

Time Machine is the latest EP from one of our local scenes fastest rising bands, The Tazers.

Time Machine comes just a few months after the bands first EP release Dream Machine, and see’s the band staying true to their psychedelic rock and roll roots. The Tazers latest release came in late February this year and since then the band has toured our country from North to South promoting their Time Machine EP.

Word on the street is that the Johannesburg/Port Elizabeth based band has seemingly out done themselves with their latest work…

The EP kicks off with their title song “Time Machine”, and begins with a slow building intro, almost as if to start a time machine, which would have you embark on a 20 minute psychedelic journey through the bands latest work of art. The song ebb’s and flows with soft hanging guitar notes, upbeat riffs, some sick bass lines, ooooh’s and aaaah’s, and climaxing towards the end of the song with a face melting solo! Definitely the right way to get the attention of the listener!


The Time Machine journey continues with “Greed, Love and War”, and has all the characteristics of the title song “Time Machine”. “Silence is Golden”, “Dirty Laundry” and “Disease”, are somewhat different in the sense that the are seemingly old school with regards to certain guitar riffs, solos and bass lines, and gives one the sense that these songs belong in the late 60’s and 70’s in the prime of psychedelic rock and roll! Which makes one wonder if this is all part of “Time Machine” journey….?

The EP ends with “Vampires & Warewolves”, and is great end to the EP, with Jethro’s vocals probably being the stand out on what is probably the slowest song off the EP. Just like the rest of the EP, his vocals have reverb on them, which only makes sense if you are in a psychedelic time machine right?! RIGHT!

So why would I purchase this EP?

There is so much good rock and roll in our country at the moment and I personally feel that The Tazers are one of many young up and coming bands that are going to be a part of our music scene for quite some time! Not only that but they are really writing great music, and have an electric live set to go along with with it! I feel this may just be the tip of the ice berg for what is about to come from The Tazers.

Where can I purchase The Tazers latest EP Time Machine?

This is definitely one for the collection, and you will be able to find it on all popular online platforms, either to stream or to purchase. We at The Grind Radio do however strongly recommend you purchase their album, because supporting your local music scene is the right thing to do!


How do I rate Time Machine?

I would give The Tazers latest release a 4/5!

So, you would like to watch The Tazers and don’t know where they will be playing next….?

Well, this weekend see’s The Tazers coming to Pretoria for the 9th stop of their national launch tour of their EP. The band will be playing on Firday the 8th of April at Red Right Hand, along with Hellcats, CUSP, and Ruff Majik, and will surely be a great night out with some incredibly talented local bands!


This is the bands 3rd to last show regarding their EP launch, but I am sure the band have lined up a few other gigs already, so keep your eyes peeled for more up and coming events and support local music!

Photograph by : Finn Mackinnon

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