Thomas Jack To Play South Africa

Ladies and gentlemen, hold on to your straw hats, slap on some more sunscreen and top up your pineapple expresses. Thomas Jack, the king of Tropical House is bringing his island-style tunes to the southern tip of Africa for Rocking the Daisies and In the City this year!

thomas jack

If Tropical House was a wave, Thomas Jack would be the energy and charisma causing this wave to grow bigger and move throughout the world. His soulful tracks incorporate summery saxophones, grooving trumpets and flowing flutes conjuring images of being on a tropical island toes in the beach sand sipping from a pineapple without a worry in the world.

For the last two years Thomas Jack, all the way from Bemboka, Australia, has filled the House scene with sounds leaving listeners dancing and wanting more of his infectiously happy music. His first truly tropical presentation “The Final Speech” created a stir among music blogs; hailed as the future of house music. Following this hit was a flurry of tropical tunes turning heads and creating a migration in the House movement.

At only 21, Thomas Jack is paving the way for a massive future, hosting a monthly show on iHeartRadio through Pete Tong’s Evolution Radio and travelling the world. Thomas Jack released a brand new original track, “Rivers” a little over a week ago making more tropical waves among his following. Producers of this rising genre can now be found from Norway all the way to Brazil, with notable stars including Kygo and Klingande kick starting their careers through Thomas Jack.

Catch Thomas Jack at the Beach Bar, Rocking the Daisies (1-4 October) and Vodacom In The City (4 October). Listen to his newest track “Rivers” and another one of his tropical numbers:

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