Summer is around the corner and its time to moer that kway jacket to the back of your closet. Just before we break out the pool noodles a We caught up with the  sunny 2 piece experiment rock unit, VAST Oddity.

Congratulations on your EP’s launch. As a proud Centurion home towner I can definitely agree that there is no better place to launch an album. What has the overall response been?

Thank you so much! The response has been phenomenal. The biggest compliment we receive is that our music is so ‘different’. And that is something we really pride ourselves in. We have found our music’s demographic, and it’s definitely the people who are ‘different’ from the social norms.

According to you “We are a 2 piece band that will take you on many trippy, rhythmic journeys if you allow for it”. For your fans what would you say is the best “am going to go see Vast Oddity” pre-show pump up ritual?

Our creative process starts with honest, sincere songwriting, we always compose our melodies in the theme of what our message is. So lyrically and melodically our aim is to resonate with the listener on a soul level, allowing them to move and flow freely to our music. That’s what we try to deliver with our performances. So prepare to have your souls shaken and stirred haha. A great pre-show ritual would be some jumping Jacks, get the adrenalin going haha.

Your sound is something very unique and not often encountered in the Saffa music scene. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Our sound is something very organic. We don’t try at all in achieving a certain sound, we rather try to stay true by throwing away the rulebook and writing and composing purely from what we feel is honest to us.

Both of you have been engulfed in music since you were young. Both playing the guitar for well over a decade and writing songs in your individual journeys. What are both your earliest memories of making music?

Chad- I remember watching Nirvana’s Unplugged performance and being blown away, that was the conceptual start. The experiential start was when I picked up a guitar and made a noise (I thought it was music) for the first time. Haha

Cayla – I remember when I was 6 years old and me and a friend were sitting in class and decided to each write our own song and then show each other. It was the first song I’d ever written and if I recited the lyrics now it would be pretty embarrassing haha!

You both also enjoy sharing elements in your sound. You both sing, play the guitar and work those loop pedals like you were born with them. Are there any talents or hobbies you don’t share?

Chad- I enjoy reading a lot.Autobiographies, esoteric books, Novels, short stories… You name it. Cayla’s brain, I think, is far too busy for that. Lol

Cayla- Chad’s right about that! I guess one thing I really have a love and knack for is maths. Chad’s probably thinking “yuck” lol.

If Vast Oddity was a pokemon which one would you be?

Mimikyu, because of look how different Mimikyu looks and that’s what we both base and pride ourselves on, uniqueness in difference haha.


If you’d like to hear more from Vast Oddity checkout their facebook page, instagram or twitter

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