Weedstock 2016

I couldn’t believe my crimson eyes when I saw Weedstock pop up on my Facebook newsfeed a couple weeks back. “There’s no ways they could pull this off!” I thought as wary, familiar paranoia set in. That’s just the kind of defence mechanism stoners country wide have had to adopt as we somehow are still living in a backwards society that simply refuses to see the massive beneficial potential of legalising sweet Mary Jane in South Africa. Just imagine the substantial job creation Hemp farms could provide, the immense drop in “criminal offenses”, not to mention the tax money going into benefitting communities, services, health care, education and our dear politician’s personal pockets. But I digress, this is not a marijuana promotion article, it’s a marijuana celebratory festival promotion!


So Weedstock is a fundraising event for The Dagga Couple’s high court case, “Trial of the Plant” which is set to be presented at Pretoria High Court in 2016. Going to court for such a noble cause doesn’t come cheap and so it’s up to all the South Africans who believe the good herb should be legalised to stand together and support The Dagga Couple. “How?” you ask? Simple, come to Weedstock.

What is Weedstock all about? Well, it’s the first festival of its kind for cannabis enthusiasts in South Africa. The festival is going to be taking place on the 26th until the 28th of February, so that means three days of reefer delight on a secluded farm approximately 40km east of Preoria. You can look forward to a weekend of judgement free stoner love, filled with epically cool musical performances, comedy shows, movies, exhibitions, the weed version of TEDtalks, DJs, food stalls (obviously) and the happiest bunch of hippies you’ve ever had the pleasure of being surrounded by.




Over 60 performances include, BCUC, Tidal Waves, The Slashdogs, Go Barefoot, Blazing Gooch, Full Swing, Satanic Dagga Orgy, Sol Gems and so many more. All the musicians are playing for free in support for The Dagga Couple’s goal in challenging the constitutionality of the South African cannabis laws.

The Facebook event page has made it pretty simple for festival goers by compiling a “What to bring and what not to bring list”. But above all, please remember to bring your positive vibes and toothy smiles! Check out the event here https://www.facebook.com/events/798896360232928/

A three day camping ticket is only R250, but if you aren’t keen for a weekend long affair you could get a R100 Sunday Fun Day Pass which is valid from 6:00 a.m.

For Online Tickets go to https://www.ticibox.com/event/4649795/WEEDSTOCK

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  1. Dagga couple have a cancer march every April each year. Legalize !! Making drugs illegal makes the world I worse place time to wake up. U can fight a war u can’t win and whoever said u can get piece through war is an idiot. Fuck the war on drugs

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