We’re Taking Our Next Step

If The Grind Radio were a human being standing in front of you, you’d be looking at someone with a massive smile torn all the way across it’s face, chest pumped up as though a deeeep breath has been taken, and you’d see the pounding of a very proud heart against it. Hands in a fist and walking forwards. ..But if you looked a little closer, you’d also see that this Grind Radio humanoid would have a tear in it’s eye… That’s the thing about new chapters. As much as one must focus on the HELLO aspect of it all… One cannot escape the GOODBYE.

the grind radio
Jade Wood doing the very first LIVE show.

With everything that we have, we would like to thank Rudi Oosthuizen and the Aandklas crew for believing in our dream and offering us our first home – a place to take our first step from. Many of you have spent a memorable night out on the deck of Aandklas while The Grind Radio DJ’s have gooiied some pretty damn good music from our little dungeon/cave which was converted from an old unused bar into our studio, our sanctuary. A few blown speakers, tons of booze, tens of thousands of songs, a year and a couple of months later, we’re that human I’ve described above, and we’re taking our next step.

Crazy Jay with Francois van Coke

The Grind Radio is moving to Arcade Empire! There is currently a sexy dark and handsome man breaking down things with a very heavy hammer, (yes he has his shirt off, is sweating and covered in dust). At the end of the day, we’re going to have a banging studio, filled good vibes, great tunes and a team that has more passion for music than you can conceive to be possible. It’s basically like The Boat That Rocked, minus the boat.

the grind radio
Henno and Kobus with the girls from Saarkie.
Juan doing his thang.
Cameron and Brandon getting all gangster
the grind radio
Justin and Kobus looking all sophisticated.
the grind radio
Mzi and Gugu with the girls from Japan And I.

We’ll be pulling in on the 1st of July and cannot wait to show you the new and improved us. Thank you for listening to, reading and absorbing the stuff that we’ve put out there until now. We want to keep getting better at this. For you.

Peace. Love. Music.
The Grind Radio Team

P.S. – Go check out our launch event happening on the 11th July at Arcade Empire – CLICK HERE

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