ICYMI: Amplify Recap FT Marene

Amplify with Eezi Mzi, the hottest rock show in town, is back with a bang! If you missed the electrifying vibes on air, worry not – we’ve got your back. Let’s take a journey through the latest episode, where the rock scene came alive with incredible interviews and brand-new tracks


Artist Mentioned:

Artist Marene

Album Rising After Mid Night

A few weeks back – in association with Devographic Music Agency –  I had an amazing chat with Maronay Todkill, of Marene. 

Marene is a South African Flash Rock outlet. They just recently released their first album – Rising After Midnight.

Band Line Up:

With front man Tyler’s powerful vocals, Ozzey’s killer bass lines, Arian’s mind-blowing guitar solos, Skye’s powerhouse drumming, and Maronay’s electrifying synth work, this band creates a musical fusion like no other. And this fusion erupts in high voltage on stage chemistry that brings their performance alive.

Artist Gerald Clack

Track Era of Bliss

Gerald Clark, the celebrated South African musician known for his soulful melodies and profound songwriting, has just dropped his latest single, “Era of Bliss”. Gerald Clark, a musical storyteller has earned him multiple award nominations, including a nod from the prestigious South African Music Awards (SAMA) for his album “Sweepslag.”

He’s traveled the world, performed in over 17 countries, and is now settled down in the charming town of Trebic, Czech Republic.

His music is a gorgeous blend of bluesy vibes and heartfelt lyrics .

Now, his new single, “Era of Bliss,” is making waves. The track captures Gerald Clark’s love for travel and nature, and it’s a testament to his musical journey.

All This For Nothing(ATFN)

Track Earth Demon

All This For Nothing, the dynamic progressive punk outfit hailing from Pretoria, South Africa. Their latest single, “Idle Man”,is a raw and introspective exploration of existential boredom and the pursuit of meaning.

In this track, we follow the story of a man seeking stimulation in the stories of others at a bar, only to find the mundane nature of people’s lives. It’s a universal tale, capturing the struggle to break free from monotony and find purpose in a world that often feels disillusioned.

Artist We Kill Cowboys

Track Earth Demon

Cape Town’s Psychedelic Grunge Rock pioneers- We Kill Cowboys, are shaking up South Africa’s music scene with their latest single, “Earth Demon,” straight from their upcoming EP, The Rage.

With Their latest single the band is venturing into grittier territories. “Earth Demon” boasts metal beats, fuzzy bass lines, and a wall of guitars, all harmonized with Alex’s distinctive husky vocals

Artist Swimmer

Track Feeding Time

Swimmer, a remarkable artist hailing from the windswept Skeleton Coast of South Africa, has recently unleashed their debut album, Sirens & Cathedrals.

Sirens & Cathedrals – as a whole is a beautiful gritty guitar driven journey that leaves you with a taste of the Skeletons coast’s melancholy esc feeling on your soul. 

“Feeding Time” is A cool overdrived Alternative Rock song featuring the one and only legend South African Actor and Musician Frank Opperman.

Artist Shameless

Track Victim Of Data

Shameless are a Nkabi Rock trio from Soweto, South Africa. They describe their sound as “an extension of rock” which fuses metal, blues, kwaito, mbaqanga, isigxaxa and a smattering of jazz. Victim Of Data was released on the 1st of September.

Check Out this AMAZING performance of Victim Of Data Capture at Black Labone. in Pretoria, South Africa back in 2021!

Artist Bismut

Track 不安 (Fuan)

Hailing from the bustling city of Nijmegen in the Netherlands, Bismut is a dynamic heavy psych trio that has been carving its unique path since 2016. Influenced by a blend of progressive rock, doom, metal, stoner, heavy psych, and classic hard rock, their music transcends boundaries, earning them a dedicated fanbase. Bismut’s latest release, “Ausdauer,” is a sonic journey delving deeper into their diverse influences, weaving together thunderous, doom-laden riffs and mind-bending psychedelic explorations. The album, a joint effort between Dutch label Lay Bare Recordings and Spanish label Spinda Records, promises an electrifying experience for listeners, showcasing the band’s genre-defying sound to a wider global audience.

Bismut’s “Ausdauer” is a triumphant return, following the success of their sold-out previous releases, “Schwerpunkt” in 2018 and “Retrocausality” in 2020. With a fusion of intense musical textures, Bismut invites both longtime fans and newcomers to embark on an extraordinary auditory adventure. Get ready for an exhilarating ride through Bismut’s mesmerizing musical universe.

Artist OnDisplay

Track Stuck

In the electrifying world of electronic rock and post-hardcore, On Display emerges with their debut release, Stuck. This captivating duo, consisting of vocalist and guitarist Ryan Kopman and drummer Greg Groothedde, seamlessly merges melodic rock and metalcore with a touch of screamo. Rooted in their shared musical passion, their collaboration results in a sound that strikes a perfect balance between raw power and profound emotion.

Stuck is a fearless exploration of love and self-awareness, delving into the complexities of relationships and the pitfalls that await when we lose sight of our true selves. The song captures the vulnerability of allowing others into our hearts and minds, often at the cost of our own identity. On Display’s poignant lyrics and intense musicality create an immersive experience, inviting listeners to confront the challenges of self-discovery and personal boundaries. Accompanied by a visually compelling lyric video, Stuck becomes more than just a song—it transforms into a visceral, emotional journey, urging audiences to unravel the intricate layers of its profound message.

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