9 Things to be excited for at Witchfest 2015

Witchfest is just around the corner and like many others, I cannot wait. If you’re a metalhead and haven’t heard of Witchfest, you’ve probably been living in a cave (but this should convince you to go!). If you don’t have a ticket yet, keep an eye on the Witchfest 2015 Facebook page.

Tickets are sold out, but they may release a few more tickets if there are any cancelled orders. Otherwise, you may get lucky on their Facebook group and find someone who’s selling their tickets. Here are some of the things that will get you excited for Witchfest 2015.

witchfest 2015

 1. It’s the biggest metal festival SA has ever seen!

South Africa has never seen a metal festival this huge before; 13 international acts – Cannibal Corpse, Hatebreed, Kataklysm, Epica, Alestorm and Fleshgod Apocalypse to name a few. The local talent boasts 27 bands including Terminatryx, Sacrifist, Mind Assault, Agro, Bile of man and many more!

2. Witch Craft Beer

The first batch of Witch Craft Beers will be on tap at affordable prices at the event – Rebel Pilsner (4.5%) and English Bitter (4.5%). Try them out!

3. It’s the first Urban Camping Festival

This wasn’t the original plan formulated by Witchdoctor Productions, but we will make it awesome! Witchfest will be taking place at Bassline in Newtown, so it’s not too far from home and civilisation. If you’re hungry, the mall is walking distance from the camping area. If you have safety concerns, don’t worry; Witchdoctor has hired Eyethu to ensure our safety at all times.

witchfest camping

4. You can have meet & greets with your favourite bands

You can buy an Epica VIP upgrade for R666 (See what they did there?), which gets you lots of merch plus the opportunity to meet the band.

So far the following other international bands have confirmed that they will be doing a meet and greet: Kataklysm, Decapitated, Septicflesh, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Aborted and Alestorm! More info will be available soon so keep an eye on the Witchfest social media pages!

5. Metalhammer UK & Germany will be there

The guys at Metalhammer have taken notice of the festival and will be present! Who knows, we might even get a Metalhammer SA!

6. You get to be a part of Kataklysm’s new music video!

Kataklysm will be bringing along director Tommy Jones from Videohammer Studios to film parts of their first video from their new album Of Ghosts And Gods, so make SA proud!

7. The event is basically sold out

It is going to be an incredible experience to see all our metal brothers and sisters united in one place and doing what we love…not to mention the total chaos the mosh-pit promises to be!

8. Witchfest App

Worried you might miss your favourite band because you don’t know what time they’re playing? Want to know what food and merch vendors will be there? Don’t panic, there’s an app for all that and more! The Witchfest app is really cool and efficient for all your festival needs. You can download the Android version here and the IOS version here.

9. Want a VIP Camping experience?

Don’t like camping? No problem. You can book one of these luxury Gypsy Out Post Tents to ensure your comfort. Each tent includes: walk-in tent, 2x Stretchers, 2 x first Accent Mattresses, Solar Light. And its own VIP Area to chill in. For more info and prices, email info@witchfest.co.za. There are a limited number of these available.

Which band are you most excited to see at Witchfest 2015? I’m definitely most excited to see Alestorm! Here’s a taster of what you can expect from them!

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