Anchorman 2 – The Legend Continues [Review]

We’ve all seen the tragedy of an original movie being butchered by a sub-par, and in many cases atrocious sequel. The Butterfly Effect ruined by The Butterfly Effect 2 (Which the blue ‘Power Ranger’ didn’t even want to watch), SAW being raped into submission, 7 times in a row and The Hangover 2 & 3 that left us pondering the validity of Todd Phillips as a director. We are relieved to report that ‘Anchorman 2 The Legend Continues does not fall into the category of the above mentioned shit-storms.

anchor man 2

A massive responsibility is bestowed on a filmmaker when the first movie in a series is a hit – Especially if the first movie is a cult phenomenon and one of the funniest movies of all-time. Let’s be honest, Anchorman – The Legend of Ron Burgundy is a cult-comedy classic.

Adam McKay stepped up and knocked it out of the park, into the street killing a bike-bound postal worker on impact. Will Ferrel (Ron Burgundy), Paul Rudd (Brian Fantana), Steve Carell (Brick Tamland), David Koechner (Champ “Whammy” Kind), Christina Applegate (Veronica Corningstone) and the new addition to the crew Kristen Wiig (Chani Lastnamé), share a synergy on screen that is incredible to witness. The addition of Kristen Wiig as ‘Brick Tamland’s’ romantic interest is a stroke of writing genius.

It will never be as good as Anchorman The Legend of Ron Burgundy, but that’s what makes ‘Anchorman 2 The Legend Continues, awesome. That can ruin a sequel – when the director tries to emulate the success of the first movie by copying the comedic pattern to the next installment. Case and point being The Hangover trilogy – that perverted monkey is only funny once.

anchorman 2

Anchorman 2 The Legend Continues is fresh with new jokes glorious mustaches, salon quality hair, new awkward situations and one liners that leave you contemplating “How much crack did they actually smoke whilst writing this”. Furthermore, we get an opportunity to observe ‘Ron Burgundy’ as a father figure – which is disastrously funny. As the movie draws to a close, a scene culminates, resulting in one of the most epic ‘fight scenes’ I have ever witnessed in a comedy –  (But, we won’t spoil that moment for you).

We were fortunate enough to go to the movie with a group of friends and watch the first screening of ‘Anchorman 2 The Legend Continues (Not the premier, NO, cause homie aint ballin like that…YET). Our first observation? “Why isn’t this cinema packed?” Maybe because it was valentines day and players be taken their honeys to expensive restaurants yo? That’s not an excuse…But, big up to the gents that took their ladies to the movie – And if your are the rare breed that took your boyfriend to go watch ‘Anchorman 2 The Legend Continues ~ We salute you.

Go and watch this movie. If you loved the first installment, you’ll dig ‘Anchorman 2 The Legend Continues.

Just one thing….Adam McKay and the Anchorman crew should stop now, DON’T make Anchorman a trilogy. That would be a travesty of Mama Mia proportion.

From all of us…See you at the movies and…YOU STAY CLASSY!


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