Baas de Beer’s 10 Oppikoppi Dares

As featured on today’s #FridayFunstart, here are the “10 Oppikoppi Dares To Make Your Already Awesome Experience Even More Awesome”


  1. Oppikoppi Windhoek HoodieDown a beer the MOMENT you get there.
    Not before (drinking and driving is a bad idea), not at the gate (you’re not at Koppi yet), but when your feet are firmly planted on the dusty patch of Northam soil you will be calling home for the next few days. Open a beer, and down it. Start your beer-tree the right way.
  2. Bribe random people with beer to pitch your tent for you.
    By now everyone knows that it’s a good idea to pitch your tent before you start partying. But wait, you’ve already had your first beer, it’s downhill from here… Good news, finding someone (probably a young broke student) to pitch  your tent in exchange for a 6 pack of beer, is relatively easy. so buy an extra case, and get bribing. (Windhoek will even give you a hoodie for that, haha)
  3. Take extra wors, make boeries and hand them out to strangers.
    Paying it forward is not just the premise of an over-hyped movie. Do something nice for someone. Oppikoppi Rule Number One states: Don’t be a doos, be lekker. Feeding strangers will definitely make you lekker. (Tip, this is especially nice to do to the poor sods who arrived a day early, not realising they can’t buy food yet)
  4. Burger Express 2Eat a legend burger at burger express.
    The Legend Burger is, well, legendary. It’s got all the usual burger things, plus about 2 pigs worth of bacon on it. The perfect lining for your stomach, cure for a hangover and a must-do if you want to be able to say you have done Oppikoppi. Tell Miki, the owner, Baas de Beer sent you. He’s cool.
  5. Go to the shower queue, just act as if you know EVERYONE there
    Not to jump the queue, hell, not even necessarily to take a shower. Just go chat to anyone and everyone as if you know them. Maybe even pretend like you partied HARD with them the previous night, and see how long it takes them to catch on.
  6. how-i-was-doin-joeyChat a girl/guy up by pretending you’re in a band.
    Now, it’s not lying if it’s a joke, right? Tip: Either make up a band name, or use one of the lesser known acts. Don’t say you are in Fokofpolisiekar (unless the person looks like they hang out at the dance stage a lot, in which case they probably won’t know the difference)
  7. Do the naked mile.
    …girls, this one is for you. Personally I avoid this sandy schlong-flop because of the lack of gender equality. I believe that it is everyone’s right to strip naked and do the dust dash. Come on girls, stand up for your rights and join in the fun! Also, have your friends take some pics. Everyone else will…
  8. Mission through Mordor, take a bottle of shots, trade shot for shot at random camps.
    Now, taking drinks from strangers is a bad thing, so introduce yourself first.
  9. High 5 and Hug stations on the way to the top bar
    At least once during Koppi, just for 30 minutes, park your ass halfway to the top of the infamous hill. High Five EVERY person walking up. Have some of your mates doing the same at the top, but in stead of a motivational high five, give a congratulatory hug. That climber deserves it, they made it to the coolest spot of Oppikoppi!
  10. Play Kings
    Now there are a million-and-one drinking games out there, but if you play it right, Kings can be the most fun of them all. It doesn’t get you slaughtered too soon, nor does it leave you high and dry. It’s just right. I personally suggest playing a round or 2 before your daily 11:00 mission to complete dare #4.
    Want to know how to play Kings the right way? Check out Kings – The ULTIMATE Drinking Game.




There you go!
If you do these dares, take pics and share them with us. Would be awesome to know how it went!

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