Blood Brother’s Interview: Adelle Nqeto

Blood Brothers, in support of The Vrede Foundation, is back for a 4th year in row. 10 South African Rock legends will unite as one to help the fight against cancer in CPT, 22 September at Zip Zap Circus, and Pretoria, 29 September at Platteland.

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We sat down electronically with angelic singer/songwriter,  Adelle Nqeto, the only Blood Sussie on the line up.  We spoke about her European tour, the Vrede foundation and who she’s fan-girl-ing to share the BB stage with.

What was the last Youtube video that you watch before this interview?

Adelle Nqeto

Where in the world is Adelle Nqeto right now and what are you doing there?

I’m sitting on a couch in a hot apartment in Berlin. I’ve just done a bunch of laundry and cleaning after coming back from a few days away camping.
You just completed a magical tour in Europe. You played Amsterdam, Paris, Leipzig and many more. Ah, what a wonderful experience it must have been. How was the tour?

Tour was incredible, hard, and beautiful! One of the hardest things I’ve done in my life thus far, I’d say.

What was your favourite thing about Europe?

The people, their warmth and openness to us as individuals, and their responses to the music. Also, travelling with my bandmates for the first time was amazing.


The Vrede foundation is really doing some amazing work when it comes to empowering the youth of South Africa. They really stick by the message Cancer does not have to be the end. Are you excited to be part of the team?
Absolutely. It’s a privilege to be able to use music as a tool to raise awareness and help raise funds for causes like this, and I’m so glad I get to be a part of the organization in this small way. I’m also honoured to be joining such a high calibre of South African musicians to do this.

Who are you most excited to perform with?

Ard Matthews is definitely someone who inspired me as a songwriter, so definitely him, for a start.

Pretoria is such a wonderful placed filled with gigs of artist you need to discover right now. Live music and good times with a friend go hand in hand there. Are there any up and coming Pretorian bands/artist you are really enjoying?
Can I branch it out as far as JHB?

There’s so much interesting music happening.

Darkie Fiction

Mx Blouse



Shameless Band


If you want to stay up to date with whats going on in the world of Adelle Nqeto smash the follow button on her Instagram, @adellenqeto.

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